Why Peaknet?

PeakNet offers wireless macro site collocations, small cell attachments and Build-to-Suit monopoles to help carriers build robust, connected networks for their customers and our communities. We are a one-stop provider managing every step from site acquisition through construction and ongoing maintenance.

Our singular focus is on wireless collocations.

It is our singular focus to serve as a liaison between wireless carriers and Duke Energy, helping carriers build robust, connected networks for our communities by leveraging existing Duke Energy infrastructure and real estate.

We leverage existing utility infrastructure.

With unparalleled access to Duke Energy’s infrastructure and real estate assets for wireless collocations, we have hundreds of thousands of potential sites—many in the toughest areas to zone. Our extensive real estate portfolio, including some of the best golf clubs and exclusive neighborhoods, helps us meet the growing 5G demands of our customers while reducing proliferation of wireless structures.

We go the extra mile.

We are committed to customer service. Our knowledgeable, local staff advocate for carriers, understand local jurisdictions, provide support, and make a long-term commitment to ongoing customer satisfaction by always delivering the highest quality work. Although we work in an environment that is driven by regulations, we know speed to market is key in the competitive wireless industry—and we are persistent and aggressive in moving projects as quickly as possible to completion.

Our people make the difference.

With decades of experience in the wireless and utility industries, our dedicated team has the specialized knowledge and insights to find the right solution for even the toughest siting challenges. We put our expertise in local permitting, infrastructure construction, and project management to work every day to meet our customers’ highest expectations.

With PeakNet, Safety Comes First. Always.

We give more than lip service when it comes to safety, adhering to strict safety protocols and creating safe working conditions in sometimes hazardous and high-risk environments. With the most stringent safety measures in the business, we look out for the health, welfare and safety of everyone working on our sites, and help to ensure the safety of the people in the communities we serve.