Macro Site Collocations

We provide collocation services and unique access throughout the Duke Energy footprint, making use of monopoles, lightning masts, electrical transmission towers, and microwave towers. Existing utility structures offer streamlined zoning and permitting approval processes, quicker turnaround times, and the opportunity to replace higher cost sites while reducing long-term operating costs.

Collocate on
Existing Monopoles

Collocation on existing monopoles is faster and less expensive than developing new cell towers. With access to hundreds of thousands of locations, we manage the entire process with quick turnaround times, and using approved contractors.

Collocate on
Transmission Structures

Transmission structures are an ideal choice for collocations in challenging siting areas, where few options exist to develop a new tower. With our access to Duke Energy infrastructure, we can ensure that the collocation is executed safely and efficiently. We also manage and coordinate with Duke Energy on all repairs and ongoing maintenance.

Collocate on
Microwave Towers

In remote areas, microwave towers may be the best opportunity for carriers seeking a higher RAD center for expanded coverage. We provide access to more than one hundred microwave/communication structures throughout Duke Energy’s service territory. Microwave towers are typically close to substations and often easier to collocate on than other utility structures, with fewer jurisdictional and other utility restrictions.

PeakNet Case Study

Transmission Tower ANL-35

An existing two carrier transmission tower in Tarpon Springs, Florida with three transmission circuits critical to Duke Energy’s reliability structure.

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With PeakNet, Safety Comes First. Always.

We give more than lip service when it comes to safety, adhering to strict safety protocols and creating safe working conditions in sometimes hazardous and high-risk environments. With the most stringent safety measures in the business, we look out for the health, welfare and safety of everyone working on our sites, and help to ensure the safety of the people in the communities we serve.