Wireless Infrastructure Company PT Access Networks Changes Name to PeakNet


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Wireless Infrastructure Company PT Access Networks Changes Name to PeakNet

PT Access Networks and Duke Energy Wireless Infrastructure Teams Join Forces to Serve Duke Energy Territories

ST. PETERSBURG, FL. NOVEMBER 26, 2018 — PT Attachment Solutions, LLC (dba PT Access Networks) and Duke Energy’s Charlotte-based wireless infrastructure team have joined forces under a new brand: PeakNet (www.peaknet.com).

PeakNet, LLC, a Duke Energy Joint Venture provides comprehensive wireless siting solutions – including macro site collocations, small cell attachments, and build-to-suit monopoles. The company manages every stage of the process from site acquisition, to structure analysis, engineering, zoning and permitting, construction management, and ongoing upgrades and maintenance.

“Our primary focus is to be a one-stop wireless siting provider, helping carriers and municipalities utilize and benefit from existing Duke Energy utility infrastructure and real estate to build stronger, next-generation networks in our communities,” said Allan Bakalar, Vice President and General Manager. “We are happy to report that, although our name has changed, we still have the same dedicated local teams with decades of experience in local permitting, infrastructure construction, upholding safety standards and project management to meet our customers’ highest expectations.”

By joining forces, PeakNet is aiming to provide greater consistency, efficiency, timeliness and cost-effectiveness to carriers as next-generation 5G networks are built out. PeakNet will provide access to millions of existing utility structures and thousands of real estate parcels for macro or small cell installations.

In a letter to customers, PeakNet announced enhancements to policies and procedures designed to make its utility-based macro collocations the timeliest, most cost effective and maintainable utility sites in the country – bringing utility-based macro collocations closer in comparison to PeakNet’s current build-to-suit monopole offering.

The updated policies and procedures were developed to ensure PeakNet achieves its core mission: To build connected communities with innovative and pragmatic wireless infrastructure solutions to meet today’s needs and support tomorrow’s emerging technologies.

“With access to Duke Energy’s utility structures and real estate holdings we are able to find competitive solutions to tough siting challenges,” said Michael Whitley, Vice President of Business Development. “We have millions of potential sites—many in the toughest areas to zone. We offer a diverse range of existing utility structures for collocation throughout our service area as alternatives to building new towers. Our extensive real estate portfolio helps us meet the growing 5G demands of our customers while reducing the proliferation of wireless structures.”


PeakNet offers wireless macro site collocations, small cell attachments and build-to-suit monopoles to help carriers build robust, connected networks for their customers and our communities. With access to Duke Energy’s utility structures and real estate holdings, we help find the best solutions to the toughest siting challenges. Our experienced, dedicated team actively manages every step from site acquisition through construction to ensure adherence to our strict safety and quality standards. Learn more at www.peaknet.com.