Transmission Tower ANL-35


Transmission Tower ANL-35

An existing two carrier transmission tower in Tarpon Springs, Florida with three transmission circuits critical to Duke Energy’s reliability structure.

The Challenge

Improve LTS service without disruption of power or wireless service while safely upgrading the equipment.

The Solution

PeakNet determined that due to the nature of the existing and extensive load on the transmission circuits, rather than having all circuits de-energized the safest and most effective course of action was to add Licensed Assisted Access (LAA) and Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) by using a three-circuit simultaneous hotline. PeakNet and Duke Energy worked together to put in place a safe work plan, which included several site visits with Duke Energy management to allay any concerns and to streamline the upgrades.

The Results

The upgrade was successfully completed within a narrow timeframe, and within Duke’s stringent safety guidelines for working in and around transmission circuits. Post-upgrade, the customer noted an increase speed by 50%.


Transmission Tower Collocation


Safely Improve LTS service without disruption


Increased speeds by 50%