New Monopole Allows for Future Growth


New Monopole Allows for Future Growth

PeakNet connects carriers to collocation opportunities across the entire Duke Energy footprint. From areas that are tough to locate, to smart solutions on existing infrastructure, we help you find the best siting options for every need. Read about a few of our highlight projects.

The Challenge

T-Mobile approached PeakNet wanting to collocate on an existing lighting mast that did not currently have the capacity to hold the additional weight. The challenge was to find a way to collocate without increasing the weight on the tower.

The Solution

PeakNet determined that the best course of action would be to construct a new monopole, rather than replacing the existing at-capacity tower. The existing carriers could be moved to the new structure which allowed for additional collocation and loading. The monopole was close enough to the existing structure that it could be located within a Duke Energy sub-station property.

The Results

The new monopole was in a high capacity area, near Interstate 4. The solution will allow for better coverage, helping the density issues during the tourist season, as well as providing room for future growth.


New Monopole Collocation


Collocation solution in a rapidly growing area


Met carrier needs for collocation while allowing for future growth